CZ 455 Varmit Evolution

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CZ 455 Varmint Evolution:

Price $522.00 USD
Ammunition .22 LR
Magazine Capacity 5
Magazine Type Detachable
Rate of Twist 1:16 in
Weight 7.100 lbs
Overall Length 28.750 in
Barrel Length 20.500 in
Cold Hammer Forged Barrel
Blued Receiver
Stock Blue/Grey Hardwood Laminate Stock Type SS Evolution
Trigger Adjustable for poundage
Sights Integrated 11MM dovetail
Thumb Safety

Ammo used for testing:
Federal Premium Match 40 grain 22LR

Optics used:
Centerpoint 4-16x40mm Mil-dot reticle

100 Yards

First Impressions:
This was the first rifle that I have ever been sent to review by the actual manufacturer. When I opened that brown box with the CZ logo for the first time, I was like a kid at Christmas. There before my eyes was a beautiful rifle that the pictures on the CZ-USA website don’t do any justice. I lifted the rifle out of the box, and felt the heft of it. at a hair over 7lbs, its a little heavy, but its the good kind of heavy. Its the stable shooting kind of heavy. Looking down the barrel, I noticed the dovetail scope rail, and realized that I didn’t have any scope rings to fit it. I was off like a bolt to the area gun stores to find some scope rings to fit it. Much to my chagrin, there were no scope rings to fit it that weren’t over $50, and even Walmart failed me there as well. Undaunted, I scoured the web and managed to find a rail that mounted to the 3/8 inch(11mm) rail that would allow me to use my current scope rings. Now, with my optics mounted, I headed to the range.

Range Time:
I set out for the range with a trunk load of stuff: My cameras, tripod, rifle vise, etc, so that I could document this as best as possible. My first objective was to sight in the rifle, and as always I start at 25 yards so I can at least be on paper, then back up to 100 yards and adjust as necessary. After I got the rifle walked in at 100 yards, I started placing 5 shot groups. It was quite windy up on the mountain where I usually shoot, so my groups weren’t all that great at first. Then the wind finally died down, and the clouds parted, and I shot a fantastic group. (See below)

Final Thoughts:

I really liked this rifle. It felt good to hold, the ergonomics were superb, even for a big guy like me. The action was smooth, and cycled well. The bull barrel was accurate, and combined with the 40 grain match ammo I had exceptional groups given the fact that it was incredibly windy. The trigger was crisp and broke cleanly with almost no take-up. It is adjustable, but it felt fine to me, so I left it alone. In fact, I liked it so much, I bought it.

Things I liked:
Bull Barrel 
Beautiful and ergonomic stock
Smooth action
Crisp trigger

Things I didn’t like:
The small dovetail rail was hard to find inexpensive rings to fit it locally. This may not be a problem for you.
5 round magazine
(Both of which can be remedied easily)


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