Original CZForum Founded on This Site in 2001


This Website is dedicated to promoting CZ Firearms and pretty much everything related to shooting them. It is also dedicated to bringing together as many likeminded folks from all over the world in a spirit of camaraderie, mutual respect, assistance, and understanding for the improvement of everyone’s enjoyment and love for CZ firearms, both new and old, and by both the young and old.


CZForum was created on this website ( about 2001 by some very forward thinking men and woman. I am happy to say that CZForum is back Home where it’s roots are and always have been. No one else can claim the Title of the Original CZForum because it’s here where it got started, so if a forum doesn’t have CZForum or as it’s home then it can’t very well be the Original. Once you start changing your name and web address from where you started then you are no longer an or the original, you become a different entity entirely and just another Forum trying to help those that need or want help, or simply want to talk about their CZ in all their incarnations. Frankly, I say the more forums the merrier.


We welcome everyone that has an interest in first and foremost CZ’s, Dan Wesson’s, and BRNO’s, along with the Second Amendment and the Competitive Shooting Industry and its associated Organizations. Along with anyone that wishes to know more about CZ’s and how they compare to other firearms.

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